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To the Top of the Clouds with AMD

AMD Cloud Hosting

Advanced Microchip Devices (AMD) has found it fitting to refer to themselves as a vendor of cloud computing. While it is far from common for a chip maker to call themselves this, AMD is proudly claiming their share of the cloud market. Cloud computing is set to be the next big thing in computer and data technology. AMD has announced their role and their plans for obtaining solutions providers such as OEMs, hardware manufacturers, software vendors and others to take things up a notch as clouds begin reaching for the sky.

AMD: A Company on the Rise

AMD might be lower on the totem pole when it comes to cloud commuting, but their strong advocates of this new technology and are helping other companies and their partners to understand cloud computing and the changes it could bring about.

AMD Opteron processors have become a popular choice among computer users because of their great performance, energy efficiency and affordable pricing. More than 2 million of these processors are now supporting cloud computing initiatives. In truth, AMD was a cloud long before cloud computing was known. AMD is soon to release the AMD Opteron 4000 series processors for 1P and 2P servers and Opteron 6000 series processors for 2P and 4P/8P servers, and wants to keep a foot in the cloud computing game when this happens. AMD processors have already proven effective with the cloud and the new processors will only increase this. Pricing for the new series of processors has not yet been established.

This is also an opportunity for AMD partners to get in on cloud computing as AMD’s new FUSION Partner Program will soon merge all partner programs smoothly into one. AMD is said to be approaching the wh9ole innovation of cloud technology as they would any other product. They advise those who are panicked to think about the early days of each and every technology we have encountered, especially in cyberspace. It’s intimidating at first, but once you become familiar with the technology, it often proves itself quite useful.

AMD and the Future

AMD is setting themselves up to become something even bigger. While they have not yet stated specifics, it is still apparent to those who have paid attention. Their innovative processors quickly excelled onto the scene replacing slow and sub-par processors and even decent processors that still could not match up.

AMD is leading the way with their processor technology, and with the innovation of cloud web hosting, AMD is sure to make waves with this as well. The innovative and creative minds at AMD have the skills to take the company to new heights. These people know their stuff and look at technology in a different light. AMD works their way from the bottom to the top to make their technology superb, offering their customers only the best. With a foothold on cloud technology, a plethora of ideas and partners to help them grow this next trend, the sky is the limit for AMD and their sure to have their heads in the clouds in no time.

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