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Rackspace Rolls out New Enterprise Enhancements

Rackspace Rolls out New Enterprise Enhancements

Rackspace, a global leading provider of web hosting and cloud computing services, recently made the move to enhance its portfolio of solutions to better suit the needs of its enterprise clients. These improvements focus on the company’s managed storage, application hosting, and disaster recovery services, designed to help large companies across various industries enjoy a greater level of performance, flexibility and control.

Overview of New Rackspace Enhancements

Rich media applications, online transaction processing and regulatory compliance are examples of numerous factors that have led to the increased demand for enterprise-grade storage and replication solutions. To help business customers meet these pressing demands, Rackspace has launched dSAN (dedicated Storage Area Networks) and dNAS (dedicated Network Area Storage) solutions specifically designed for large enterprises.

dSAN – Perfectly suited for databases and high volume transaction applications, Rackspace’s dSAN solutions leverage Dell’s EMC CX4 Array technology to provide highly scalable storage.

dNAS – Based on the NetApp technology, this high capacity solution is ideal for dynamic websites, large volume file storage and media rich applications.

Both of Rackspace’s storage solutions ensure superior performance and flexibility. These fully managed services are optimized to support business-critical data requirements of the most demanding enterprise.

Disaster Recovery Services

Rackspace recently added a suite of disaster recovery services to its portfolio. Being able to recover from a disaster and restore critical IT assets is imperative for any organization, especially one that depends on its information systems to survive. Although outages and service interruptions never occur at a good time, Rackspace is able to help ensure continuity with solutions crafted to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.

Hosted replication service

Data center to data center replication can enable an enterprise to bounce back and recover important data in a fast and efficient manner. Rackspace’s hosted replication service is fully managed by a team of disaster recovery experts committed to making sure your data remains available. Aside from replication and strategic planning, it also comes included with a free DNS fail-over service.

Enterprise replication services

Enterprise replication services offer data center to data center replication and rapid recovery for important data leveraging Rackspace’s dNAS services. Powered by both NetApp and SnapMirror technologies, they are optimized for mission-critical operations and managed by a team of highly skilled, certified NAS technicians.

Professional services

The Rackspace Professional Services team provides enterprise customers with personalized disaster recovery solutions. Businesses that require an end-to-end service can benefit tremendously from services that consist of application, database and full server fail-over.

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7th December 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Web Hosting News
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