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Mac OS X Cloud Servers Now Offered By GoDaddy

Mac OS X Cloud Servers Now Offered By GoDaddy

With absolutely no fanfare, GoDaddy has recently started offering a virtual private server (VPS) Cloud Server solution run on Mac OS X. This places GoDaddy as the biggest hosting provider to offer this unique solution. It is being touted as a complete internet technology solution for businesses both medium and small.

The GoDaddy Mac OS X Cloud Server solution allows web hosting clients the ability to run a virtual server powered by Apple’s Xserver and Parallels Xserve. Clients using this solution are given ready-to-use email, chat, a user directory, an iCal server, integration with iPhone as well as complete compatibility with Mac and Windows. Additionally, all Mac OS X Cloud Server solutions come equipped with built-in wikis, podcasting capabilities, and standard blogging programs.

Four Plans Offered

GoDaddy offers four different plan levels for the Mac OS X Cloud Server solution. Starting at $99.99 a month, customers can opt for the economy plan. This plan allows for up to ten users, has two gigabytes of memory, sixty gigabytes of storage and one terrabyte of bandwidth allowed monthly. At the other end of the scale, the ultimate solution is recommended for fifty or more users, has sixteen gigabytes of memory, four hundred eight gigabytes of storage, four terrabytes of bandwidth allowed monthly, and costs $549.99 per month.

Not the First

GoDaddy is not the first web hosting provider to offer this type of cloud server solution. Media Temple first introduced a virtual server solution that ran on VPS OS X Leopard Server in 2008. It was offered to clients as a beta test program and was discontinued in October, 2008. According to Media Temple, the discontinuation was due to a combination of problems that stemmed from licensing, stability and limitations within technology. At the time, the company was initially enthusiastic about Snow Leopard but was dismayed that a Mac supported Parallels Server was not scheduled to be supported by Snow Leopard for a couple more months.

Parallels CEO speaks

During the HostingCon of last summer, Serguei Beloussov, Parallels CEO, stated the greatest potential for cloud computing lay within the small business sector. Serguei went on to state that he believed that going forward, small businesses will not have an internet technology infrastructure. Mr. Beloussov felt that this could be one of the biggest changes in IT and that over the course of time, SMB applications would move toward being hosted in-house.

Noting that the web industry’s technology bigwigs may have the largest cloud platforms and data centers, Mr. Beloussov also stated that web hosting providers have the most important assets – customers for the two most important internet applications, e-mail and web.


Encircling the globe as the largest web hosting provider and domain registrar, GoDaddy certainly has potentially the largest business audience for this type of cloud computing solution. With all the right pieces in place, this certainly does not seem to be a solution that will go the way of its predecessor.

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One Response to “Mac OS X Cloud Servers Now Offered By GoDaddy”

  1. Dino says:


    I think Godaddy is a good provider but the service is not as great as it is been sold to the customers.

    I prever the company from Switzerland, they are doing a fantastic job and awesome service, support! Check it out!

    Overall, I guess as bigger the company as more problems they get -> service, support…
    They loss the overview of what they are doing.


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