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Andy Schroepfer – New VP At Rackspace

Andy Schroepfer

Beginning his career on Wall Street as analyst for Piper Jaffray covering service providers such as Exodus and Level 3 (fiber network service providers) and becoming the youngest VP ever at Goldman Sachs, Andy Schroepfer is considered to be the “go-to” guy when it comes to keeping track of the web hosting industry. He has recently accepted the VP of Strategy position at the web hosting service company Rackspace.

About Andy Schroepfer

With his start in the 1990’s, Andy Schroepfer began at Piper Jaffray covering fiber network providers – Level 3 and Global crossing to name a few. He was instrumental in the IPOs of Equinix, Cisco (at that time, Webex) and HP (at that time, Loudcloud). Tier 1 Research, a company that specializes in hosting and data center analysis, was founded in 2000 by Andy and later purchased by The 451 Group. Schroepfer has not only managed Exponential Capital (a technology sector fund) and created a Twitter archiving start-up called, but he also is featured on CNBC with his financial market commentaries.

About the Rackspace company

Rackspace, based in San Antonio, Texas, began in 1998 and to date has over 70,000 customers, 51,000 of which are cloud computing clients. Becoming an increasingly popular trend, cloud computing is a style of computing where scalable and virtualized resources are used as a service allowing customers to purchase only those services they actually need (as opposed to purchasing entire servers or hosting accounts). One of the leading hosting providers around, the company offers managed hosting, cloud computing services and stand-alone email server accounts. Rackspace delivers enterprise-level hosted accounts to small businesses all around the world utilizing over 2,600 servers. Easily one of the world’s leaders in hosting, their success can be attributed to just that – all they do is hosting and they excel at it.

What is Schroepfer’s job objective?

Andy Schroepfer’s new job as vice president of strategy within Rackspace will be centered around the “All Cloud Enterprise” (ACE) – a business concept that operates without the need for servers, utilizing a hosted platform for customized applications and SaaS (Software as a Service) applications for the remainder. The premise of this goal is to quickly allow businesses to see and utilize the idea behind computing and how it should be more about service and not so much about servers. Schroepfer’s vision is to enable Rackspace to assist businesses succeed in a much more efficient manner and to realize this same goal – reducing reliance on servers and placing more reliance in services. Andy calls this vision the Road to ACE and, if his fantastic technological past is proof, both he and Rackspace will succeed.


With a whirl-wind beginning to his career and non-stop technical brilliance when it comes to nearly everything he touches, Andy Schroepfer is sure to be an ongoing success and a fabulous addition to the Rackspace company. Here’s to wishing both Schroepfer and Rackspace continued prosperity!

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19th October 2009
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