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3Tera Awarded Best Cloud Computing Service and Best SaaS During 2009 HostReview Provider Awards

3Tera Awarded Best Cloud Computing Service

HostReview, a highly rated and very popular internet resource for web hosting reviews for over a decade, hosted its 3rd annual Top 10 Web Host Awards recently. During this award ceremony, HostReview officially announced that 3Tera has been awarded 2 prominent hosting awards; the 2009 Top 10 Web Host Awards’ Best Cloud Computing Service and the Best SaaS Provider. 3Tera, the world’s leading developer of utility computing services and cloud computing platform software, has achieved this honorable feat for the third year in a row, thereby establishing itself as a proven contributor to the web hosting industry.

What are the HostReview Awards?

The HostReview Awards are delegated after considering a variety of hosting attributes, including hosting plan features, cost efficiency value, customer support and genuine user reviews of the scrutinized companies. It is not uncommon to see the same companies listed for several consecutive years. Over the last three years, the HostReview awards have become the most reputable and weighted awards competition in the web hosting industry. Each year new categories are presented, depicting the ever-changing nature of the web hosting business.

3Tera, 2 Prestigious Awards, 1 Industry Leader

3Tera received the Best Cloud Service and Best SaaS Provider for its work on the AppLogic cloud computing platform, which lets more hosting companies offer virtual private datacenter and cloud computing solutions. Darren Tabor, CEO of HostReview, has this to say about the award selection – “We chose 3Tera as one of our 2009 Best SaaS Providers and Cloud Computing Services award winners because its cloud computing solution continues to have a tremendous impact on the entire hosting industry,”.

“A three-year winner of our awards, 3Tera’s AppLogic cloud computing platform has proven to consistently enable hosting providers to enter new markets and offer highly scalable, affordable and well-established cloud and utility computing services attracting both small companies and big enterprises.”

Barry X Lynn, Chairman and CEO of 3Tera, Inc. stated – “We are honored to be recognized by HostReview as the first-class enabler of SaaS and cloud computing solutions for a third straight year,” said “As the cloud computing space continues to become saturated with new players, customers are looking toward established cloud vendors to enable them to quickly deploy and operate their applications on a highly available and scalable platform.”

3Tera and AppLogic

AppLogic (3Tera’s cloud computing platform) is now the driving force behind the SaaS and Cloud computing services of more than forty web hosting service providers around the world. Some of the companies that 3Tera’s AppLogic assists are: ENKI Consulting,, Cleargrid, Contegix, Red Peak Solutions, DNS Europe,, KDDI, Agathon Group,Layered Technologies,, Radixcloud, Kualo, Right Servers,Xseed, ScaleUp Technologies and more.

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16th February 2010
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