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Is Filezilla The Best Secure FTP Software?


If you’re a webmaster or site owner you’ll need an ftp client to upload files and data as well as download from your site. That’s where the popular Filezilla FTP client comes into play and it sure is more than a bang for your buck since it’s free.

It doesn’t get better than Filezilla. You’ll find experts and regular folks just raving about it because it’s not only what software should be it’s what makes the web fun. It’s free and open source. On top of that it’s small for the power it kicks in being at 5mbs or so at present. It has an easy interface and has the security of the high end FTP software and often better.

There’s the extras such as auto ascii/binary transfer, FTP commands, independent customization and more. You wonder how a program this cool could be free. That’s all good but is it the best? That’s all a matter of opinion depending on what you’re looking for.

Considering the various options that this software brings and the security it brings you could say if it’s not the best it definitely is in the top five.

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20th December 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

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