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Is a Web Host Bad if They Have Downtime Once Per Month?

Once a Month Hosting Downtime

From nascent online businesses to established internet powerhouses; every individual or organization with an online presence would vouch for the fact that there is hardly anything as irritating as downtime of their web host. And strangely, this is even a problem with the more popular web hosts, thus it is not limited to the new entrants in web hosting service. So, does the one odd downtime really mean that you need to change your web host? This article addresses the question.

Why does Downtimes Occur?

Downtime hits everybody hard; be it your website, the visitors to your websites, or even the web hosts themselves. The reasons of downtime, which is actually the inability of the host’s servers to serve the demands of the subscribers, happens either because the web host allows such a huge number of bandwidth requests to the servers that they are unable to cater to them, or simply because of the fact that the host did not pay its server bills, and everything in-between. In fact, there are times when the data centres go haywire and end up in a downtime period.

Are They Really That Bad?

Most web hosts guarantee a good enough minimum uptime period, and they do factor in some unforeseen technical troubles while deciding this minimum claim. As long as the downtime does not mean that the minimum promised uptime condition is violated, the web hosting service does deserve some consideration from the consumer’s end. However, of the reason behind the downtime is the skipping of server bills by the web host, you have some serious room for thought. It is highly probable that some of the web hosts subscribers would change to another provider due to the downtime, and this would reflect in the sales figures of the web host. The result would be that there would be more chances of the web host being unable to pay the server bills again, and the downtime cycles would continue.

A really important service feature that one must consider while formulating an opinion about a web hosting service is the response of the host to a downtime condition. If your web host is responsive enough to address the technical flaws quickly, it might be in your interests to not jump into changing the hosting service as all web hosts face downtime problems at some point in time. One downtime per month is passable if you are confident that your web host would exhibit agility in setting the problems right.

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11th October 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips
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