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How To Choose The Best Cloud Web Hosting

How to Choose Cloud Hosting

If you’re considering jumping into the cloud server hosting pool, then welcome to the new frontier. You will be joining the pioneers of the new wave of web hosting technology. Cloud server hosting allows for more flexibility in your plan, faster computing and website request speeds, and more reliability without worry of server crashes preventing your website from staying up on the world wide web.

But how do you go about choosing a cloud hosting company? Cloud hosting is not quite the same as shared-server hosting. There are many differences including pricing, bandwidth usage, and scalability. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing your cloud web hosting company.

Pricing Flexibility

Your website may be just a small business website, or a major online destination with thousands of hits per day. Regardless of your website size, why should you pay for web space bandwidth that never gets used? It’s like paying for those unused minutes with your cell phone plan.

Dig deep into how your cloud hosting company charges for their service. Can you get more computing power during your peak hours? Can you scale back during off-peak hours? A cloud host with a flexible pricing can give you the best deal for your money.


You may only need a single CPU now with limited memory and disk space. But will your cloud host allow you to grow with your website growth? Find out if your cloud host will allow you to scale up with the number of CPUs, amount of RAM, and total disk space for when you need it.

Support Availability

Just because cloud server technology is more reliable doesn’t mean you don’t need support once in a while. When things go wrong you need immediate help to assure that you do not lose revenue should your website go down. Check with your cloud host and get assurances that they will be available 24 hours a day for your technical support needs. Find out of the company has received any awards for their support levels.

Web Tools

Cloud hosting does have some similarities with shared server hosting. One such similarity is the web tools that your cloud host provides you. Check to see if your cloud host provides tools to help you build a website, supports the popular scripting languages, offers eCommerce tools, and provides a reliable and easy control panel for easy and total access to your web account.


One of the biggest movements in web hosting is the move toward “Green” technology. A large web server facility can use as much electricity as a small town. Hosting companies are aware of this problem, and are working to find solutions. Many have purchased alternative energy certificates to promote wind energy. Also, many hosting companies form energy use policies that save energy through server configuration and server structure to ensure that no electricity goes to waste.

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16th January 2011
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