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An Introduction to Bluehost Reseller Plan Reviews

Bluehost Reseller Review

As you may be aware, many people that are searching for Bluehost reseller reviews want to know if this is truly the best service for their web based empires. In some cases, that may include providing affiliate marketers on your team with their own dedicated web hosting. Alternatively, you may want to try reselling webhosting services as part of your own business. These are just a few reasons why many people are interested in Bluehost Reseller reviews.

Bluehost Reseller Plans Features

  • Create unlimited accounts– No matter whether you need to provide access for one person, or sell to hundreds, you can easily achieve this goal with Bluehost. Since you can easily upgrade your hosting plan, you can also let your business grow without purchasing bandwidth and space that won’t be used by your customers.
  • Unlimited domains and sub-domains– If your customers need more domain names or sub-domains, they can have as many as they please.
  • Cpanel, MySQL and other Linux based technologies– With Bluehost, you will never have to worry about all the downtime and other problems associated with a Windows based server.
  • Free domain name for your site– When you are just starting out, you are sure to appreciate being able to start your new business, without having to spend extra to obtain the domain name you will be using with your web hosting service.

Bluehost Reseller Plans – What Buyer’s Like

  • Free Domain Name– Many buyers reading web hosting reviews do not know how to register or transfer a domain name appreciate being able to register one free of charge while they are buying web space.
  • Easy to Access Services– Buyers reading Bluehost reseller reviews already know that they will need to set up accounts, websites, or other resources for their customers. Most appreciate the intuitive GUI that makes each task simple to achieve.
  • Good Customer Support– If you have problems or questions, you can always contact Bluehost customer support via email or phone. Individuals reading Bluehost reseller reviews often find that Bluehost is the best web hosting company in this area.

Bluehost Reseller Plan– What Buyers Hate about the plan

  • Limited space– Even though your customers may not plan on using much space, wordpress blogs, databases, videos, and other content can easily add up very quickly. Since your own account will be fairly limited, you may have to upgrade in order to meet the needs of your customers. If you did not gage your prices correctly, this can create all kinds of problems.
  • Limited bandwidth – Unfortunately neither you nor your customers can control how many visitors come to the site; let alone which resources they decide to access. As with the limited space issue, you may find that upgrading will be a necessity if you are going to meet the needs of all your clients.

Web Hosting Reviews Recommendations

Overall, we feel that Bluehost webhosting has a number of appealing features for anyone that wants to resell web hosting space. That said, if you are planning to host a number of large websites with heavy traffic, then you may need to consider altering your price structures to accommodate upgrades. As you read different Bluehost Reseller reviews, you should always keep in mind how well this company compares to others on these and other issues.

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16th November 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Reviews

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