MyBestRatedWebHosting's MBRW Second Semi-Annual 2011 Hosting Award has been officially announced! Save yourself time and money by reading our detailed review and learn who received the final award of the industry's best web host!

MBRW First Semi-Annual 2010 Hosting Award

MBRW First Semi-Annual 2010 Hosting Award

To choose the winner of the first 2010 Semi-Annual Hosting Award, our judges have scrutinized every aspect of the top ten web hosting companies. Each web hosting company was tested thoroughly over a 60 day period in order find the most reliable, cost effective and efficient web hosting solution available. The web hosting companies were examined under the microscope for attributes such as customer support, key features, price value, performance and reliability. After a long and extensive comparison, JustHost was chosen as the first winner of our MBRW First Semi-Annual 2010 Hosting Award.

JustHost – Reliability and Service

Since its inception only two years ago, JustHost has rapidly risen to the top of the web hosting industry by offering unparalleled customer service, a plethora of unlimited features, and comprehensive web hosting plans at competitive prices. JustHost has become known for its all-inclusive hosting plans which include unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and the ability to host unlimited domains. Users can contact JustHost support via phone or email and receive instant assistance in any technical matter.

Just Plan – Most Comprehensive Web Hosting Plan

The JustHost premiere hosting plan. the “Just Plan” package, includes a free lifetime domain name. The premium version of the Just Plan package includes three free lifetime domain names. With the JustHost Just Plan, your domain names will be renewed every year automatically, preventing the loss of your online identity. The reliability of JustHost is proven by its anytime money back guarantee. JustHost is so confident in its ability as a web host it promises to refund any unsatisfied customer, at any time, with no questions asked. The fact that JustHost offers such a guarantee says a lot about its competence as a reliable and service-oriented web hosting solution.

JustHost Main Features

Although the support and affordability of JustHost is remarkable, what really makes it an impressive web hosting provider is the plethora of features it offers. These features make the performance and efficiency of the JustHost hosting service second-to-none in the web hosting industry. Some of the features offered by JustHost sound too good to be true, and it seems as if every feature offered is unlimited.

In fact, just having a look at the features offered by JustHost is enough to convince most consumers to purchase a hosting plan. Below are some of the reasons why we chose JustHost to win the MBRW First Semi-Annual 2010 Hosting award. The list of features below is by no means comprehensive, but it offers insight to the extensive service offered by this quality hosting provider.

  • Load-Balancing Technology Optimizes Server Performance and Prevents Downtime.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Space
  • Includes User-Friendly control panel – cPanel
  • FREE Domain Names
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Host Unlimited domains
  • Install Web Applications with Ease Using Fantastico
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Data Transer
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Massive Script Library
  • Anytime Guarantee

“It is a great honour to receive the MBRW First Semi-Annual 2010 Hosting Award from Every member of our team has worked extremely hard to get to where we are now and it really helps motivate the team each month with the awards issued from quality review sites like yours.

JustHost was launched in 2008 and since then has gained over 200,000 clients and very soon we will be celebrating a quarter of a million customers. JustHost is growing by more than 1,000 new customers each day, We believe this to be a very bold statement illustrating how highly our customers come to think of us as a reliable, budget web hosting provider.

JustHost has grown so quickly, we really couldn’t have done this without the ongoing support from sites like My Best Rated Web Hosting so thank you so much.”

Luke Kendall
Product Manager

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