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JustHost VS Reliacloud

JustHost VS Reliacloud

Cloud server technology has improved greatly during the last few years. The reliability and speed of cloud technology seems to be the wave of the mass-computing future. And while cloud hosting has been so expensive only giant corporations could afford it, now there is affordable availability to the masses.

ReliaCloud is a hosting company that was formed to bring their unique cloud server technology configuration to clients at affordable prices. With their cloud computing system clients pay only for the resources they need.

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At JustHost, they have developed an easy one-size-fits-all hosting plan that is suitable for most any website owner and fits practically every budget.

So, which of these hosts would be best for your website? Take a look at our side-by-side review and recommendation below.


JustHost makes pricing easy with their single hosting plan that goes for just $4.45 per month.

Reliacloud charges clients for the resources needed. Clients can opt to change the required bandwidth, RAM, etc at any time. Prices start at $0.05 per hour, which if using basic resources translates to about $36.50 per month.

Products and Services

Reliacloud focuses their efforts on providing outstanding cloud computing technology. Cloud storage is an extra server, but no extra products or services related to web hosting are provided.

JustHost helps clients promote their website with a free set of marketing credits to use with Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and more. They provide cPanel control panel, and a free basic website builder. They also back their plan with an astounding anytime money back guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

Reliacloud offers variable resource through their cloud hosting plan. Clients can choose the number of CPU’s, amount of RAM, storage space size, and the number of cloud servers. Clients also get a choice of operating system templates, IP addresses, and the amount of outgoing bandwidth.

With the JustHost plan clients don’t have to worry about resources. It’s all provided in a single plan, including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, hosted domains, and MySQL databases. They provide support for all the popular scripting languages like PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, and Ruby on Rails. They also offer a free bonus set of plugin software, and multi-media file support. JustHost provides free eCommerce solutions with a choice of shopping cart software.

Customer Service

At JustHost customer support is available 24 hours a day via phone, chat, or email. They also offer a very useful online help center filled with articles and video tutorials.

Reliacloud also offers 24 x 7 technical support by phone and email. They also offer a knowledgebase, but most articles are strictly focused on cloud computing issues.


There is little doubt that cloud computing is in high demand. But though the technology is superior, it isn’t necessarily more beneficial for all website owners for hosting purposes. With a lower cost and an outstanding plan and support, our recommendation goes to JustHost who we feel is very suitable for most hosting needs.

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