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InMotion VS Codero

InMotion VS Codero

Sometimes you just need a little more server power and attention from a web hosting company. Websites that take off and become very popular can quickly eat up “unmetered” bandwidth and can trigger a host to start adding additional charges for the high traffic. Why shouldn’t a web host be able to offer flexible hosting plans as the website grows?

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Two web hosts do just that. InMotion and Codero are both excellent web hosts that offer expandable opportunities with hosting services as a websites grows. InMotion has been doing business since 2001and takes the stance of preparing not only shared-server hosting, but also VPS and dedicated server hosting as well.

Codero is a newer company but is an offshoot of the industry giant, Codero offers managed hosting service and dedicated server hosting.

While these two companies offer rather different products, they are similar in their flexibility. We take a look at each side-by-side and provide you with a recommendation below.


The Codero pricing structure is based on whether clients want dedicated server, managed hosting, or both. Dedicated server plans start at $145 per month. Managed hosting provides services starting at $60 per month up to $150 per month.

InMotion does offer personal plans that have limited features for $3-$5 per month. However, most businesses will want to choose from their three business class plans. The “Launch” plan is $5.95 per month, the “Power” plan is $7.95 per month, and the “Pro” plan is $13.95 per month.l

Products and Services

Codero’s focus is to bring total solutions to their clients’ website needs. Their managed and dedicated hosting offers different focuses such as security, server access tools, network configurations, backup services, eCommerce and small business services as well. Their servers are 100% “Green” powered with wind energy and they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

InMotion offers professional web design services for their clients, or clients can use the free premium site builder tool. Clients can get multiple website domains on one account, up to 25 for the Pro plan. InMotion also has Google Adwords specialists on hand to help small business users with their search engine optimization. And all plans are backed with a 90 day guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Features

The features is where these two companies differ most. Codero is a managed hosting company with a much more involved focus with each customer. Accounts have access to custom configure and upload their own software, and Codero provides dedicated people to help on accounts. Depending on the managed hosting plan, clients can get software server patches, dedicated service and application troubleshooting, proactive monitoring, and more.

The InMotion plans are configured to compete with most other types of shared server hosting plans in the industry. All business class plans come with unlimited bandwidth and storage space, support most major scripting and plugins, provides multi-media support, and also provides a choice of free eCommerce solutions. All plans can work with PC, Mac, or Linux systems.

Customer Service

InMotion offers 24 hour customer support via telephone and chat, and provides a well-designed online knowledgebase filled with articles and tips.

Codero is a managed hosting so their support is more dedicated and focused on proactive support and around-the-clock availability. Codero also provides numerous online articles and has a 24/365 support line for those dedicated server clients not on the managed hosting plan.


Both companies are highly experienced and reputable. The choice really depends on the type of hosting service you need. Our recommendation goes to InMotion for those who really want affordable web hosting with the opportunities for expansion.

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2nd January 2011
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One Response to “InMotion VS Codero”

  1. ruby says:

    I hate Codero but I love inmotion..

    We have two sites hosting with Codero and both sites got hacked!!!! We couldn’t count on them in time of needs, on top of it; they won’t allow us to cancel our service because they have a 7 days prior cancelation policy.

    On the other hand, inmotion has been quite great during the two month we have been with them…

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