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What is the Future and Trend of Cloud Hosting in 2010?

Cloud Web Hosting

Uptime is a major concern for any size business with a web presence. E-commerce businesses lose money by the minute when their website is down. Companies could lose thousands of new customers when their web hosting servers cannot sustain the additional web traffic after a new marketing campaign. So what is the solution?

Cloud computing has been around for a while, and while cloud web hosting was just a buzzword in 2008, it has now found a new comfortable home in the web hosting industry. Cloud hosting offers many advantages for any size business including more uptime, better bandwidth, and even more disk storage space. By connecting web servers through a redundancy network and limiting them to only 50% to 60% capacity, a cloud host can offer great flexibility in web traffic spikes, disaster recovery, reduced downtime, all for an affordable price.

With the growth and popularity of cloud web hosting, what are the potential trends for the rest of 2010 and beyond? Here are some thoughts and observations:

Advanced Security Solutions

Sharing a network of computers has its disadvantages. Primarily, security issues are a large concern for any size business who put their files and data on the same server space as hundreds of other businesses. Sharing a cloud network leave some businesses at risk for unwanted file hacking, as well as getting a bad rap on the same IP address as a spamming website.

Web developers see the need for additional security measures and are taking innovative steps to address these concerns. Third-party software developers are forming security solutions that help track systems and hackers. Web hosting companies that offer cloud hosting will need to demonstrate their level of security commitment and even begin guaranteeing security for new customers if they expect to be competitive.

More Cloud Hosting Companies

With the web server cloud paradigm firmly established, it will be likely that existing web hosting companies will start offering cloud hosting services in 2010, and even begin the switch to virtual cloud hosting altogether. The switch will likely be a good move both economically and environmentally.

Along with the financial benefits of a cloud hosting network, servers hooked up to cloud networks run more efficiently and save considerably more energy. With a focus on environmentally friendly businesses, web hosting companies will start joining in the “eco-friendly” hosting solutions. Many companies have emerged as “green” web hosting leaders already with their efficiency policies and wind energy certificate purchases. We will likely see many more by 2011.

Open Performance Monitoring

Cloud hosting offers a means to provide measurable results on uptime statistics. Even now some web hosting companies provide monthly reports to their customers from third-party monitoring parties about their actual uptime performance stats. Website owners want to know that their host is doing their job in providing the most uptime possible. We will likely see more performance monitoring and reporting of cloud hosting results.

Cloud hosting is still in a growing stage, meaning it remains in its infancy. There will be growing pains, and great leaps and bounds in technological delivery. And the next few years will likely be very exciting to watch as cloud web hosting continues to evolve.

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