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VPS VS Dedicated Server

VPS VS Dedicated Server

Web hosting comes in many different forms with VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated server hosting making up two of the major classifications.

Virtual Private Servers

A VPS describes the simulation of multiple servers within a single server, an option commonly sought after by the small to medium-sized business. That single server may provide service for multiple sites, quite similar to the situation you will find with a shared server. While you might be required to share the server with other users, your data is more secure and enjoys its own private resources, including disk storage, RAM and CPU. This arrangement offers excellent results for the small website relying on the generation of dynamic content from a back-end database. It also makes a good option for users who want to host multiple domains on a single account.

VPS hosting is more affordable in comparison to the dedicated server environment. Companies like LunarPages are able to provide this service at a lower price because a wide variety of clients are looking for similar qualities in a hosting package. Vendors that are able to effectively package these services for a large volume of clients tend to be very successful and can generate a substantial amount of revenue.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server offers a totally different level of hosting, more suited for mid to large-sized businesses, those who desire more command and flexibility. Considerably more expensive, this type of hosting typically provides a greater level of security, functionality and availability. The overall quality of service is generally reflected by the operations within the provider’s data facility, which should tremendously reduce downtime or remove issues of stability all together. Depending on the company’s plan, you could easily have the ability to write and run your own programming scripts or even install your own software. Some vendors also provide exceptional support, freeing you from the tasks of maintaining the equipment, operating system and security issues that comes along with dedicated hosting.

Making the decision of which hosting is right for you depends on two factors: what you plan to do and your level of administrative skills. Even though a company provides you with the dedicated server, you are essentially hosting the site on your own. Unlike the VPS environment, you might be responsible for maintaining the software and connectivity among other resources.

An organization that already has a well trained IT staff in place may find this as a viable option. However, the startup company with limited resources will be better suited in the managed, VPS environment as it is undoubtedly easier to manage and the most cost-efficient option.

While narrowing things down may be a difficult decision, you will find that vendors such as LunarPages try to make things much easier by packaging the most highly requested web hosting services into specific plans. This allows prospects to find and select exactly what they need.

Whether it’s VPS or dedicated hosting, the best approach involves determining your needs along with plans for the future growth of your business. By doing so, you can easily weigh those requirements against the array of web hosting options.

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