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Moving To Dedicated Hosting

dedicated web hosting

Shared hosting is suitable for many users but there are limitations. As your website becomes popular and continues to grow, you are likely to need more storage, bandwidth, memory or software. Other elements such as security may need to be enhanced to make sure the site is secure for you and your visitors. In this instance, you may need to move to a dedicated server. This type of hosting in sensible for someone who has made success of their site and simply needs more from a provider.

A dedicate server is a piece of equipment leased to you by a web hosting company. It includes its own processor, hard drives, RAM and bandwidth. The server exclusively hosts your website and the associated components on its hard drives. You can install and run nearly any program on a dedicated server which has made them very popular for the online gaming environment.

The major problem with shared hosting is the limited size of storage and bandwidth. This can lead to the loss of visitors as the lack of these features could eventually negatively impact the performance of your website. Shared servers may also experience a lot more downtime because they simply are not big enough to support the number of clients, especially if their sites are growing rapidly with high amounts of traffic.

E-commerce sites in specific are not well suited for shared hosting whereas a dedicated server makes all the difference. A dedicated hosting plan gives you more options in the way of both hardware and software solutions, enhancing the functionality and performance of your website. This type of web hosting also gives you more power with sophisticated control panels that can be used to administer every critical aspect of the site.

The advantages of hosting with a dedicated server are clear. Armed with more knowledge on this type of service, you may want to surf the web to find an affordable dedicated web host. A reliable company will provide you with everything needed to make sure that the ultimate website you created stays up and running. A dedicated server may come with a number of options so only choose the ones you really need. There is no set standard for what makes a good dedicated server. Ultimately, it’s all up to you.

A dedicated server is a viable solution for the rapidly expanding online business. The upgrade to a dedicated server doesn’t mean you’re all alone. Dedicated servers are also used by those offering managed hosting. These companies help to oversee all the technical aspects of dedicated hosting in regard to hardware, software, control panels, security and more.

If the service provided by your current web host is no longer enough, you may want to look into one that offers a dedicated server. This option will cost a bit more, but the results you get in exchange are well worth it.

Has your site evolved to the point where it needs more? These two companies will provide you with affordable dedicated hosting plans to support the requirements of your expanding website:
LunarPages Dedicated Web Hosting and ServerPronto Dedicated Server

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9th July 2008
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