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Blogging Software for Your Website

blogging software

One of the most convenient and popular ways to express your voice on the web is through blogging. This platform gives you the ability to reach millions while publishing content on the subject of your choice. Blogs have reached such a level of popularity that they are used by teenagers and even politicians. Many have also used them as marketing tools to power their online business. To get started with your own blog, you need to register with a host that provides a blog engine. Another choice is to purchase a web hosting package that provides blogging software that can be implemented into your website.

Blogging software is composed of content management systems specifically designed for the purpose of creating and managing blogs. Most of these programs are open-source applications that can be used, modified and freely redistributed with no limitations on usage. Others are proprietary applications that are licensed for a fee or offered free with limitations attached. All blogging programs are rather similar as they allow you to title your posts, add content to the body and receive comments and messages from visitors.

The prevalence of blogging has resulted in a number of different programs. With so many available options, choosing one can be very difficult. To make things a bit easier, we will review four of the most popular blogging platforms, all of which act as their own entities but are offered as features in web hosting packages as well.


The TypePad software makes blogging very simple. Content such as text, pictures and links can be added in a matter of minutes. This software allows easy personalization as you can choose whether or not you want to display pop-up ads from third-party companies. TypePad comes with built-in security features that keep you safe from the persistent spammers. Generating traffic to your blog will be much easier as TypePad includes tools to help you optimize your site for the search engines.


B2evolution is quality blogging software that allows you to operate a blog from your own domain name and website. This program comes included as a feature in many web hosting solutions and functions as a great business tool. Because of its open-source nature, hosting companies are able to use this remarkable software at no cost and still offer affordable service. B2evolution is easy to implement into your existing website


If you desire to create multiple blogs, Nucleus is the program for you. This software includes a variety of tools that enable you to set up a blog quickly, giving you complete control of the content. The forum can be designed to your liking with a number of skins and templates. This is a blog engine you simply can’t go wrong with.


WordPress is a great blog to host on your own domain. This software is scripted in the PHP language and backed by the powerful MySQL database. WordPress comes with well over 50 high-quality templates with a number of sidebar widgets that add great presence to your blog. It has a huge following with a dedicated community of users who contribute code and provide support in member forums. WordPress is without a doubt one of the best blogging solutions available.

Blogging software is a great tool whether it’s provided directly from the developer or through a web hosting company. This platform facilitates the freedom of expression and offers unlimited marketing opportunities.

If you want to power your website with a blog, check out these three providers. LunarPages, BlueHost and HostMonster offer affordable web hosting with some of the best blogging software available.

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5th July 2008
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