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Blogger VS WordPress

Blogger VS WordPress

Blogging officially became popular in the late 1990’s. As more and more web surfers became web bloggers, the need for services that catered to both hosting and blogging programs were highly sought after. Both Blogger and WordPress have been around since this initial boom of online blogging and are still going strong to this day.

Products and Services

The one main item that both WordPress and Blogger have in common is both popular blogging services offer free accounts. WordPress breaks away from simply offering free accounts and offers a few more items many bloggers may find themselves needing down the road – premium features and VIP hosting.

Under the premium features offered by WordPress, one will find being able to add a domain to one’s account, extra storage space, CSS customization, greater video capabilities, no advertisements, and the ability to have more than 35 users assigned to a blog.

VIP hosting is available with WordPress for those customers who are considered high profile and expect more than 500,000 page views per month. These accounts start at $500 a month with a onetime setup fee of $600.

Web Hosting Features

Each free blogging account with Blogger comes with an easy to use interface, a free blogger domain name (, customizable templates, and simple one click photo and video uploads. As the service is owned by Google, accounts can be quickly and easily setup with the use of an existing Gmail account. Blog owners can also make money from their creation with the implementation of ads from Google AdSense.

WordPress offers dozens of themes to choose from, integrated statistics, and a large variety of sidebar widgets to choose from. An item that WordPress offers which Blogger does not is the ability to have more than one page – allowing the creation of an about page, a contact page, and more.

While not offering audio services (for podcasting), both WordPress and Blogger allow for video uploads. This is a very popular and needed service as many of today’s blogs incorporate Youtube and other video mediums as part of the blogging experience.

Customer Service

If assistance is required both blogging services provide help sections. WordPress comes out ahead in this department as the list of topics seems to be never ending. The more popular topics are shown at the top of the page and each topic is separated into easy to view sections. Bloggers help section has a few topic categories with four or less topics listed under each. Clearly the help section for Blogger needs to be fleshed out a bit more.


Both blogging services offer great free services. If one is looking for a blog host that allows for room to grow, more than one page capabilities, and more extensive assistance should help be required, WordPress is the service to choose.

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2 Responses to “Blogger VS WordPress”

  1. Mr. Showman says:

    Blogger is good for beginners but if one got a grip on it then i would suggest that wordpress is best.

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  2. Seo 2010 says:

    I agree with for lifetime hosting purpose WordPress is best service. But if your working on only subdomain then blogger really wins my heart. Blogger has smart features to customize blog.

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