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Tips in Choosing the Right Web Host

How to choose web host

The success of any online business largely depends on the chosen web host and since millions of web hosts are available to choose from, the task could be a daunting one. Several factors need careful consideration in order to make the right choice.

The foremost consideration is for you to know your web hosting needs. If your online business has the potential for expansion, you will naturally need a web host that can provide the needed space. Different hosting packages should be offered for you to choose from. A reputable web hosting company should be there to help you when you need more space for your business. The cost of the different packages will naturally depend on the bandwidth offered. Beware though of companies offering very cheap prices for these packages. There’s almost always a catch behind these offers. The cheap price may be due to the fact that you will be sharing your IP address with a huge number of websites. This will of course result to the risk of being dumped with spammers.

Spammers know that they will stay in business for a short time so they go for the cheap web host. Sharing an IP address with a spammer can get you in trouble when search engines and your ISP ban the IP address. Additionally, cheap web hosts have very slow servers because of limited bandwidth.

A reliable web host company should have very low down time. You should be aware that down time will tremendously hurt your business. Down time means money lost because once potential customers can’t find you online, they will naturally go to the next link. Some companies would claim 99% uptime. Be very careful because most of these claims are not true. It would be better if they offer money back guarantees or offer alternatives if you are not satisfied with the service rendered.

The reputation of the company plays a major role in the success of your online business. Searching the web for the reputation of a certain company will be easily done by joining forums. The information that these forums will provide will be invaluable in you task of choosing the best web host.

Good customer service is another important factor in choosing the right web host. Any web host company should be able to provide you with contact information. Your online business would run 24/7 and so should your web host. Impersonal web host service should not be tolerated. Someone should always be there to answer questions and address concerns. A web host company is selling you their service and as such should be able to provide you with technical phone support as well as live chat support.

Carefully read the fine print. You may not be aware that there’s a catch. Some web host companies limit the number of emails you can send and receive. Provisions of this kind when not shown upfront could have a negative impact on your business since this would limit your chance to provide quick and prompt service to your customers.

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9th December 2007
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Rated Web Hosting

One Response to “Tips in Choosing the Right Web Host”

  1. Tal Lifschitz says:

    My question is, how do we differntiate what is a reputable web hosting company?

    I’ve come to the realization they’re all too alike, regardless of prices.

    Im tired of being stuck on a shared server with a lot of people, and cheap dedicated server web hosting are all the same.

    If we want cheap web hosting, where do we look?
    If we want high quality, where do we look?

    The whole “unlimited bandwidth” sham has to be done with as well.

    Thats my two cents.


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